About Bench’s Bees & Honey

Welcome to Bench’s Bees & Honey!

The demand for raw local honey is very strong and Bench’s Bees & Honey is now here to provide the best raw local honey possible. There is a re-emergence of the buy local movement and what better to buy local then raw local honey!

In the past couple years there has been an awareness that has risen to protect and preserve the honey bees. For many years colonies have been dying and there are many beekeepers who have retired or simply given up. In our local area there are very few apiaries left and we are doing our part to help preserve the local honey bee.  We are all dependent on the honey bee for pollination of our crops, plants, and trees.

Bees will always be around and they will always be producing honey. The honey and bee industry is only limited by our own imagination on how to use this amazing product. Beekeeping is something that has become a passion for us and we are so blessed to make a living doing something that we love. Be sure to Like us on Facebook!

From our honey house to your home,

Arik & Beth Bench